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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Activities and gift ideas for Mom’s special day
This Mother's Day, we'd like to personally thank all of the moms, grandmothers, and caregivers who've made sacrifices to care for their families during the pandemic.
Some moms paused their careers to home-school children; others had no choice but to work even as COVID-19 was spreading across the country. In our book, all are unsung heroes who deserve recognition and some extra love.
Still, the significant part of it all is this: moms made these sacrifices without asking for a thank you!
These days, moms have gotten pretty creative to keep their family's together, so why not think outside the box this Mother's Day and get her a unique gift too?

Sure, there are standard gifts like flowers, cards, and breakfasts in bed, but what are some other gift ideas that aren't so basic?
Keep reading to find out family activities to do this Mother's Day!

1- Hand-made arts and crafts with a humorous theme

It's one thing to paint or draw a picture, but it's quite another to give her something that will make her laugh. The last year has been incredibly stressful on families, so finding any opportunity to make mom smile will go a long way.
If mom loves to cook, why not make a cookbook with her very own recipes in it? If mom is an avid Netflix binger, why not make her crafts that spoof her favorite shows? With arts and crafts, the possibilities are endless if you know what mom truly likes.

2 – Comfort foods

Likewise, giving mom the comfort food she loves is another excellent gift idea, but the items need to have special, unique significance to her. One example is giving mom a gift card from her favorite bakery, but only if she genuinely, deeply loves it.
That's the key to giving comfort food as gifts; it still has to have an emotional aspect that ideally makes mom's eyes tear up with joy and appreciation.

3 – Custom home spa set

Another fantastic idea is to cobble together a custom home spa set for mom. Rest and relaxation products never go wrong on Mother's Day, but you can get creative and make her a unique, custom gift set.
It doesn't have to be a basket; it can be anything that carries all of the products she needs. Mother's Day is all about showing mom that you care and already know what she likes, dislikes, and needs to relax without asking.

4 – Live performance

The next Mother's Day gift idea is to put on a show for a mom like a skit or record a lip sync video. Just make sure the whole family is involved, especially dad! Even if the performance only lasts a minute, the sheer joy mom will feel is worth the effort.
One idea is to surprise mom as she wakes up or whenever she least expects it. You'll surprise her with the amount of effort you put into the performance and the genuine sentiment you'll show by going the extra mile.

5 – Sky Zone gift cards

Those gift ideas work well for everyone, but what about moms who like group outings? A gift card to a trampoline park is a great gift for mom. She can spend an afternoon bouncing around making memories with her family or plan to meet up with friends and relax while watching the kids burn off all that energy.   
At Sky Zone, we're proud to provide a fun and safe place for families to unwind and have fun together. After all, isn’t that what will make mom happiest – making amazing memories with her family. 
A gift card from Sky Zone is a great way to give mom a one-of-a-kind present that is fun for everyone. At Sky Zone, we want to show every mom that they're appreciated, loved, and entertained this Mother's Day.
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