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Best Birthday Party Themes of 2021

Popular birthday party themes and ideas for your next event at Sky Zone or any other party place
Last year was kind of a bummer in the birthday department. Most kids had to give up a conventional birthday party with all their friends due to coronavirus concerns. But with things looking up lately, we are confident this year will be different.

You already know that Sky Zone Trampoline Park is the best place for kids birthday parties when you’re trying to make up for last year. Not only do we pack epic fun into every square inch of the park, but we also handle all the party details (including extra cleaning these days) so you can be stress-free and get in on the fun, too! 

Check out our picks for some awesome themes that can take your child’s next birthday party at Sky Zone to all new heights.

1. Superheroes

Superheroes will never get old as every kid dreams of putting on a mask and a cape and heading out to defend the innocent. Flying high on trampolines at Sky Zone in a superhero costume is the perfect way to make a kid feel like a real superhero for a day.

Encourage all the attendees to dress up as their favorite superhero or villain. Grab plates, cups, and decorations to turn your party room into a superhero headquarters. Have your guests engage in a heroes vs. villains game of trampoline dodgeball.

2. Pirates

Argh!! Mateys!! Pirates are another classic birthday party theme and perfect for a party at Sky Zone. Attendees can board the ship using the SkyLadder or walk the “plank” on SkyLine. One wrong move and you’ll fall into an ocean of foam! But perhaps you’ll find some buried treasure…

3. Medieval Times

Living in medieval times was nowhere near as romantic as we are led to believe. However, this doesn’t stop kids from wanting to dress up in pretty princess dresses or put on a suit of armor to right the injustices in the world.

This makes it a perfect kids’ birthday party theme and it’s fantastic for a party at Sky Zone. Knights and fair maidens alike will love putting their skills to the test with a SkyJoust tournament and participating in the other activities available.

4. Ninjas

Who wouldn’t love to be as skillful and stealthy as a ninja? Kids will love dressing up like these iconic martial arts figures. Plus, they will feel like the star of their own movie as they bounce, flip, climb walls, and show off their general athletic prowess on the attractions at Sky Zone. The ultimate test will be getting through the Ninja Warrior Course.

Bonus: Ninja costumes are easy to put together!

The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Venue

The best places to have kids’ birthday parties are the ones that handle everything so all you have to do is reserve the room and invite the guests. Sky Zone party packages include a private party room, food, beverages, supplies, and a dedicated party host. With so many exciting activities, your kids will get plenty of exercise, enjoy some much-needed time with their friends, and you’ll have a stress-free experience. Kids can jump, bounce, and flip to their heart’s desire in a safe location. With strict cleaning protocols in place, it’s also a great place for birthday parties during COVID.

Check out our kids’ birthday party packages today!