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Girls eating pizza at birthday party

Birthday Party Tips for Kids Who Love Being Active (and Those Who Don't)

Planning your kid's next birthday party? Stress no more! Follow these simple guidelines to ensure not only an easy planning process, but a party that's sure to knock the Sky Socks off your kid!

We all know that kid. It could even be our kid. The one who’s bouncing off walls ready to go outside early on a Saturday morning before we’ve had our coffee. Or playing two sports at a time (maybe even a dance class, too). She’s awesome, she’s active, and you have no idea where she gets her energy from!

Planning a birthday party for a high-octane kid is usually pretty straightforward, right? Something with some adventure. Someplace where they can burn off some of their energy while having a blast. Maybe even show off their skills and be the center of attention for what they do best. 

But here’s the thing — not all of their friends share their love of being active. And if you get right down to it, some of them would much rather play on their phones than work up a sweat. So how do you plan a birthday party that makes everyone in the group happy?

Here are a few things to think about when planning a birthday party that will help get kids of all activity levels in on the fun.

Think Big

Choose a location with lots of options for fun, where party guests can do activities together as a group or go off on their own to do something that’s more their speed. This could be outside at a park, however, bad weather causing a cancelled or rescheduled party is a real possibility. 

Ask for Help

You might be running the party on your own. Or you could have other parents or a partner to help. Either way, some parents find it stressful to manage a large group of kids, especially when there are mixed activity levels involved. Having an experienced party host who knows how to bring everyone together can help make the party fun more for everyone.

Keep it simple

Setting up everything you need for a party…cleaning up dirty plates and wrapping paper... If the thought of doing this work doesn’t spark joy, consider making life easier for yourself. Hosting the party at a venue that provides set up and clean up goes a long way toward helping you enjoy the party too!

You've got this

Choosing Sky Zone for your next kid’s birthday party lets you relax while knowing all of your guests are having some seriously active and memorable fun. Whether it’s dodgeball, warrior course, obstacle course, or simple, awesome solo jumping fun on wall-to-wall trampolines, there’s something for everyone. Want to learn more? Read about how Sky Zone birthday trampoline park parties are the perfect party solution for kids of all activity levels.