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Celebrate World Jump Day At Sky Zone!

Curious about the history of World Jump Day? Read on to find out! Celebrate the holiday by getting your jump on at your local Sky Zone
Did you know that July 20th is the official World Jump Day?

Each year, this joyous holiday encourages everyone worldwide to take part in one of the most fun and merry activities a person can do — jump up!

Here at Sky Zone, we celebrate jumping all year round — but that doesn’t mean we can’t make World Jump Day even more fun for our guests. This year, we’re celebrating with BOGO jump tickets on Friday, July 23rd. Pay for one, get another one for FREE — and spend your day at Sky Zone with friends and family, the perfect place to celebrate all things jumping!

What Is World Jump Day?

The idea behind World Jump Day goes back to 2006, and a UK-based German artist Torsten Lauschmann. This fantastic holiday is his creation, and he organized the first-ever celebration more than 15 years ago. And after he created his World Jump Day website, millions of avid jumpers registered to participate.

His idea was simple — if enough people around the world jumped simultaneously, he claimed they could change Earth’s orbit and reduce global warming. As you can imagine, that did not happen — but World Jump Day still lives on.

World Jump Day perfectly illustrates the amazing things people can do if they band together and work towards a positive common goal. And jumping symbolizes striving upwards, searching for greatness — and reaching for the skies. Plus it’s good for you! 

Jumping Is Healthy

Jumping is more than fun — it’s incredibly healthy as well. Ten minutes on a trampoline give you the same workout as a half-hour run! And there are plenty of benefits to jumping:

●    You’ll have more energy
●    Your heart will be healthier
●    Tone and tighten your muscles
●    Boost your metabolism
●    Improve your mood

And of course, there’s always the fact that it makes you feel as young as ever. Get on a trampoline, and it won’t be long before you feel like a kid once more. 

Celebrate World Jump Day With Us!

Celebrate World Jump Day by visiting Sky Zone trampoline park on Friday, July 23rd! We’ve got all the fun activities for your entire family, and you can take advantage of our BOGO jump ticket offer to celebrate the joys of jumping!