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Channel Your Inner Olympian at Sky Zone

Ever watched the Olympics and thought "I could totally do that"? Now's your chance. Enjoy low stakes, high reward, and all of the fun when you try your Olympic moves out in our attractions at Sky Zone.
Summer is finally here, Tokyo is gearing up for the Olympic games, and we can’t wait to get in on all the sports entertainment!  

And because the one thing more fun than watching sports is taking part in them, why not come down to Sky Zone Trampoline Park and show us your skills? You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to have a blast this summer. 

Sky Zone Olympic Events

We’ve all had that moment where we’re sitting on the couch and see an Olympic athlete competing in their sport and think, “maybe I could do that”. Well, this summer you won’t just think about it, you can try your moves out in a Sky Zone trampoline park.  

In our indoor trampoline park, you can take your turn bouncing off the walls to train for some of your favorite Junior Olympics events. There are plenty of opportunities to get a little competitive with friends and family and flex your muscles with these fun summer activities.  

Which Olympic event are you most excited about? Here are some of our favorites.


Who doesn’t love watching our talented Olympic gymnasts on tv? They never fail to do us proud, and every year inspire more kids to take up gymnastics!  

Jumping on our trampolines will allow you to test your limits in ways that might not be possible anywhere else. So don’t hold back, and channel your inner Simone Biles by practicing your best routine here. Soar like Simone and land on your feet with an impressive backflip or somersault.


One of the original Olympic events from the time of the ancient Greeks, the Decathlon is another fan favorite. And what better place to train for it than our Ninja Warrior Course?  

Practice running, jumping, and vaulting while making your way through our obstacle course designed to test the most seasoned warriors. The best thing is that it’s all padded, so you can give it your all and go for gold without any worries!


Who hasn’t watched the divers soar through the air with elegance and style and land gracefully in the water with barely a splash? Well, now you can practice your jumps and flips in our Foam Zone.  

And if you belly flop, don’t worry. The landing in our foam pit is much softer than water!


It’s more than just a game. Basketball is an outlet for people to express themselves and connect with others, which is why you see so many hoops in backyards, offices, and parking lots all around the country. 

Soar to new heights with our Sky Slam and bounce your way into basketball stardom! Jump high and slam dunk. And with our hoops of different sizes, it’s fun for all ages.


Another fast-paced fan-favorite, we love watching volleyball matches on the sand or the court. Practice your spikes on our Ultimate Dodgeball court or on our springy Air Courts, where you can train your moves with a little bit of bounce at your favorite trampoline park.
Whichever sport is your favorite, there’s no better way to get off the couch, and have some fun than bouncing on one of our trampolines.  

So come in to see if your inner Olympian is ready for the international stage! It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, athletic or not so much.  

Drop by your local Sky Zone to get your bounce on with your friends and family. With all our fun activities for kids and adults alike, we’ll have you jumping, twirling, and flexing your muscles in no time!