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birthday party with pizza

Fall Birthday Signs

What’s your sign? We want to know so we can plan your best birthday party ever!
Everyone knows Sky Zone is the ultimate children’s birthday party destination not just because of all the awesome attractions, but because we take care of everything! From invites, cake and awesome games, Sky Zone Trampoline Parks host epic kid’s birthday parties.

For those Virgos and Libras celebrating at Sky Zone, let’s take a look at what kind of birthday party you can plan to have!

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Virgos are loyal, kind, analytical, practical, and hardworking. All traits that make for a brilliant host to a new Sky Zone visitor! So, gather your friends and try these attractions:

Ninja Warrior Course
Kind and hardworking, Virgos will be the ultimate cheerleaders for their friends looking to conquer the course before taking the challenge on themselves. Designed for athletes looking to push themselves and their limits, Virgos can push themselves on this obstacle course and once they reach the end, push themselves to achieve a better time!  

If Virgos want to tap into their analytical side, then our SkyHoops is a must. Designed to elevate classic arcade-style basketball into the air, ballin’ Virgos will find the perfect attraction to challenge a friend to see who can get the most dunks. Requiring the perfect jump height, hand placement, and aim, all Virgos will see is net!  

Challenge Zone
Our Challenge Zone requires hard work and an eye for detail, both things Virgos excel at. You’ll be able to test your stamina and strength as test your coordination and balance across the various obstacles. 

Birthday Party for a Virgo
Kind Virgos never want to leave any one out, so make sure to book a birthday party package that caters to your closest friends! These practical Virgos can rely on Sky Zone Party Pros to line up some awesome party food, like tasty pizza, and favors. Don’t want to worry about clean up? Don’t worry, we have that covered too!

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Libras of all ages are known as diplomatic, cooperative, gracious, social, and fair-minded. So, what are the perfect attractions for these people who strive for balance?

Ultimate Dodgeball
Because Libras are so social, their visit to Sky Zone with a big group should be coupled with a private dodgeball game. Ultimate Dodgeball requires all the cooperative aspects of teamwork but with a fun twist.  If there is some drama around who got hit, a Libra can diplomatically tell their friends when they’ve been struck.

Warped Wall
Libra’s have a strong intellect and a keen mind which means they’ll love the Warped Wall! The tricky curved incline requires the perfect speed, strength, and awareness to reach the top.

Foam Zone
Libras love a free debate and a freefall! This makes our foam zone attraction the perfect complement to the Libra birthday person.
The foam zone is dedicated to big air and cloud-soft landings. It’s the ideal time to practice even the most daring stunts as you’ll safely land in a pool of soft, foam squares.

Birthday Party for a Libra
For social Libras with loads of friends, consider booking our top tier party package so all your friends can join! We can also reserve a court just for you and your friends, making for the most awesome game of Ultimate Dodgeball! We will also make sure you have enough pizza, cake, and refreshing ICEEs for all your Guests so no one has to fight over that last slice.

Celebrate Your Birthday at Sky Zone

No matter your astrological sign, Sky Zone is the ideal venue for your birthday party. We can cater your experience to your wants, needs, and, yes, even your star sign.  

Get in touch today to see how we can make your next birthday party one to remember.