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Little Leapers

Introducing Little Leapers: Structured Playtime With the Same Sky Zone Fun!

We’ve revamped our Toddler Time program! Allow us to introduce our new program for our youngest Guests, Little Leapers.
We’ve revamped our Toddler Time program! Allow us to introduce our new program for our youngest Guests, Little Leapers.
We’ve designed our Little Leapers program to be packed with fun and include activities that foster the development of important physical, cognitive, and social skills in children. If you’re looking for things to do with your toddlers or young kids, you won’t want to miss Little Leapers.
At Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, we’re putting your kids first. Here are a few reasons why Sky Zone’s Little Leapers program will be your new weekly family event.

Playtime With a Purpose

Little Leapers takes you on a fun, high-energy play adventure through a mix of structured and unstructured activities your child is sure to love, and benefit from.
Parents Magazine notes some important benefits of physical activity in young children including:
●    Stronger heart, lungs, and bones
●    Controls weight gain, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure
●    Enhances emotional well-being and energy levels
There are loads of benefits beyond health that come along with play. According to Verywell Family, regular social activities help foster important social skills like:
●    Sharing
●    Cooperating
●    Listening
●    Following directions
●    Respecting personal space
●    Making eye contact
●    Using manners
Toddlers and young kids also benefit from exposure to sensory activities that help them explore the world around them. According to reports from Good Start Early Learning, benefits of sensory play include:
●    Builds nerve connections
●    Develops motor skills
●    Supports language development
●    Encourages scientific thinking

Learn and Grow Through Different Types of Play

Little Leapers took the best parts of Toddler Time to create a brand-new experience that helps parents and their children explore, learn, and grow through play. Here are a few new things you’ll see at our Little Leapers Program:

Active Play Time
Toddlers and little kids have tons of energy, and Sky Zone is the perfect place to burn that off. Your kids will have a chance to explore different attractions within the park while working on their hand-eye coordination, balance, and social skills.

Sensory Play Time
Your child will giggle their way through the sensory activities like coloring, playing with bubbles, or building structures. These activities help develop fine motor skills and they’ll love to have the chance to flex their creative muscles.

Music Time
Kids will feel right at home during music time, dancing and singing to popular movie soundtracks and nursery rhymes. Get out the smartphone, because you won’t want to miss these cute memories. 

Activities for Mind and Body

After your kiddo has bounced their heart out, it’s time to refuel and wind-down. Toddlers will love relaxing during story time. Choose between a read-aloud or our Little Leapers library.
Enjoy a snack from our Fuel Zone while you read together and build memories.

Come Join The Fun!

Our revamped Little Leapers program creates a fun, unique experience they will love. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if it becomes your new weekly routine. Check your local Sky Zone for their Little Leapers program schedule and we’ll see you there!