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Leap Day

Leap Day Deal

The World Cup. The Olympic Games. A Sky Zone Membership for $1. Just a few things that only happen once every four years. Don’t miss out on the unbeatable promotion Sky Zone is offering this upcoming Leap Day!

2020 is a leap year, and what is better than getting an extra day this February? The fact this extra day is a Saturday!

Now that your mind is swirling with ideas of how to spend this glorious extra 24 hours, let me stop you. Because if you really want to make the most of leap day, come to Sky Zone and literally leap on tramopolines! It’s fun for the whole family and if you become a Member on leap day, you will get your first month for only $1.
Sky Zone Memberships are loaded with value including exclusive Member-only events, discounts, monthly perks and so much more. This once-every-four-years kind of deal gives you access to all that, plus the ability to jump every day for just $1. If that’s not maximizing this extra day – I don’t know what is!