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New SkySocks Design - The Taco Sock

We’ve got exciting things happening at Sky Zone Trampoline Park for Cinco de Mayo and we want to invite you to get in on the fun.

Taco SkySocks

Because we love our SkySocks and we also love tacos, we've combined the two to create our newest SkySocks design – The Premium Taco SkySocks. Now you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with socks matching the festivities.

Book a party at Sky Zone so you and all your friends can get your pair of amazing Taco SkySocks! 

Chow down on celebration-appropriate foods like nachos at your very own Cinco de Mayo trampoline park party. Take your taco (socks) with you as you bounce, climb, and challenge your friends to feats of agility throughout the park.

Don’t forget a big group picture at the end featuring your new matching Taco SkySocks!

Socks for Any Occasion

The best part about our comfy SkySocks is that you can wear them anywhere just like regular socks. Their special, extra-grip soles don’t interfere with the comfort of the sock and you can easily wear shoes over them.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Yes! You can wear your new socks for every taco-y occasion. Do you need Taco Tuesday attire? Check! How about a Nacho-average -themed birthday party? Everyone will love your socks!

Cinco de Mayo at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

We know you don’t need an excuse to have a party at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. But if you did, celebrating Cinco de Mayo seems like a really good one. Everyone will have a blast jumping and bouncing as usual. But things have gotten that much more exciting with our terrific Taco SkySocks.

Contact your local Sky Zone today to book your Cinco de Mayo party and grab your pair of Taco SkySocks today!