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Sky Zone at Sea

Sky Zone and Carnival Cruise partnered to create the first-ever Sky Zone at sea. Floating and flipping have come together to create a brand new vacation experience.

On December 11th Carnival Cruise and Sky Zone made history. For the first time in 20 years, a Carnival Cruise set sail from the west coast, bound for somewhere tropical and much warmer than the winter LA chill. But what truly sets this cruise apart from the rest is the Sky Zone on-board. Sky Zone created the world's first trampoline park on land, so it’s only natural that it's the first at sea!

Carnival Cruise invites passengers to “Choose Fun” so partnering with them to bring a Sky Zone trampoline park to the sea was a no-brainer. Passengers aboard the ship will enjoy some of the most popular attractions also found in land-locked Sky Zones, from a fusion court that hosts Dodgeball and SkySlam, to a Challenge Zone that includes SkyJoust, SkyLadder and a climbing wall.

At Sky Zone, we are constantly working to innovate new ways to have fun and be healthy. We are thrilled to provide one of the options guests can enjoy while staying active during their vacation – although we’ll be okay if they only want to go to jump on the trampolines.

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