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The Evolution of Sky Zone

One small bounce for trampolines. One giant bounce for trampoline parks. Wondering how Sky Zone came to be? Take a deep dive with us and learn more about the history of how trampolines and indoor trampoline parks eventually became the Sky Zone you know and love.
Let's face it, trampolines are fun. If they weren't, Sky Zone would probably not exist.
But we've taken it a step further and created a whole world of fun out of this simple invention. So, whether it's for kids' birthday parties or a fun activity with your friends and family, everyone can enjoy the attractions at Sky Zone.
But how did this all start?

It All Starts With a Trampoline

Before we look at the evolution of Sky Zone into what it is today, we would be amiss if we didn't look at the history of the trampoline.
And what better place for this story to start than the circus. When 16-year-old George Nissen visited the circus in 1930, he came up with an idea. As he watched the acrobats drop from their perches and land in the safety net, he wondered if he could create a gadget that would allow them to keep on bouncing.
After years of testing and a few failed prototypes, he finally succeeded. As such, he was granted a patent 76 years ago for a "tumbling device". He would later go on to receive a registered trademark for "Trampoline". In 1942 he and Larry Griswold started the Griswold–Nisson Trampoline and Tumbling Company which produced trampolines in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Over time, he would receive another 44 patents, many related to his trampoline, and he helped create the gymnastic sport of trampolining.

Sky Zone Took It to the Next Level

If one trampoline is so much fun, just think how much fun a whole room of them will be. At least that's what our founders Jeff and Rick Platt thought when they conceptualized a new trampoline-based sport. The concept was simple. It would feature a rectangular patchwork of connected trampolines where teams would compete in a mixed sports competition.
With this clear vision in mind, they raised $2.5 million from friends and family and opened the first park in 2004 in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the idea never took off.
Then one day, we had some kids from a neighboring skate park knocking on our door, asking to jump on the trampolines. We bought a cash box, a stack of wristbands, and before we knew it, we were in business.

This first facility went under the name of Sky Mania and was the beginning of a brand-new industry: Trampoline Parks. Two years later, we opened a second Sky Zone location in St. Louis. In 2009, Sky Zone started franchising and opened over 200 locations in more than 11 countries over the next several years.

Innovating Attractions

Although the initial idea of a new trampoline sport was unsuccessful, we revamped an old one: dodgeball. In 2011 we created the Ultimate Dodgeball Championship. In this extreme dodgeball competition, teams from Sky Zone's locations worldwide come together and compete for a cash prize. In 2018, we also introduced a women's division to the sport.

We are always searching for new ways to play and continually innovate our programs and attractions.
Some of our earlier attractions involving trampolines include:
·        Freestyle Jump - where jumpers, big or small, old or young, let go of gravity and grab some air on our wall-to-wall trampoline courts.
·        SkySlam - basketball with a new twist. Hoops of different heights accommodate jumpers of all sizes and trampoline help you reach the rims so you can dunk like you’ve always dreamed of.
·        Foam Zone - big air and soft landings. This is the ideal area for anyone to practice their most daring stunts and try new tricks while landing safely into a pool of huge foam squares.
·        Ultimate Dodgeball – The classic schoolyard game on a trampoline court.

But we're not just a trampoline park. We offer many other attractions such as:
·        Warrior Course – An obstacle course to test your strength, agility, and endurance, with various elements.
·        Warped Wall - try to conquer the tricky curved incline that brings out the athlete in everyone.
·        Freeclimb - A bouldering wall to practice your climbing ability. No harnesses needed because it’s built over a pool of foam for a safe landing.
For our youngest jumpers, we have designated time called Little Leapers, where they can enjoy and play with their parents without all the big kids around.
These are only a few of the attractions at our trampoline parks and we’re constantly introducing more so you’ll never get bored.

Come for the Fun!

We're the ideal jump place for you to come and have some fun with all our activities and programs. You'll jump for hours, and when you're done, you'll want to come back for more.
Having a party or event? No problem. We don't just want you to have the best party or event you've ever had; we also want it to be the easiest. Our staff handles all the details so that you can focus on having a great time. Whether it's a birthday party, a bachelor party, or any other celebration, we have everything you need for a fun and active event.
To know more about Sky Zone, our activities, or our programs, visit our website or go to the location nearest you to find out more.

Don’t Settle for Imitators

Sky Zone is the originator of trampoline parks and the best jump place for kids’ birthday parties and family friendly activities. After your first visit, we know you’ll be hooked and want to come back again soon. That’s why we created the Sky Zone Membership that lets you play every day and scores you exclusive perks like VIP events and discounts on merch! What are you waiting for? Find the nearest Sky Zone Trampoline Park near you.