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Things to Do This Summer

Wondering how to spend your long summer days ahead? Wonder no longer! This short list gives you ideas and inspiration for what to do with your kids to keep every day exciting. From swimming to Sky Zone, we're sure you'll find something on this list to do. But if you only want to do Sky Zone, we're cool with that too!
With summer powering in, you (and especially your kids) are probably raring to go enjoy yourselves. But what kinds of things can you do? At Sky Zone we believe everyone should play, every day. So whether they go for a bike ride or go to a trampoline park, below you’ll find a good starting list of fun activities that are sure to bring smiles to your kids’ faces.

1. Go on an Adventure Hike

Hiking is, and always will be, a fantastic summer activity for families. Get out and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful vistas in your area. Many types of trails are available so that people of all fitness levels can get out and enjoy themselves. Don’t forget to bring healthy trail snacks for your intrepid little adventurers!

2. Go For a Bike Ride

In the same vein, biking is a great physical activity. If you have any youngsters that are still a bit too small for hiking, biking is a great option instead. You can attach a seat to your bike or pull them in a trailer so everyone gets to enjoy the ride!

3. Backyard Slip n’ Slide

Hiking or biking sound a little too physical for every weekend? You can always set up a backyard slip n’ slide. It’s pretty easy to do with a large plastic tarp, some soap, and a garden hose. You won’t have to work hard at all, but your kids will definitely be tired at bedtime after all their carousing around!

4. Fly a Kite

Live in an area with a little wind? Take advantage of it. You can either go out and buy a fun kite (trick kites are awesome!) or make your own. It’s a fun craft project to build it and double the fun when it’s time to fly it! 

5. Enjoy a Local Park

Parks are a fun and free way to get out of the house and enjoy your community. They can offer a variety of amenities from playgrounds for kids, barbecue grills, and grassy areas for family picnics. Dive in and find out what’s available. Your kids are sure to love the adventure!

6. An Afternoon at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

There are so many fun summer activities that you can do outdoors, but what indoors activities?   Instead of sitting inside watching your kids go stir crazy, how about spending an afternoon at Sky Zone? 

Our indoor trampoline parks offer exciting adventures and activities for kids of all ages. They can have unfettered fun playing ultimate dodgeball, they can challenge themselves on the ninja warrior course, or they can power through the parkour blox. Even littler kids will have a blast playing with you in the toddler zone! 

With all this fun, Sky Zone makes an ideal place to have kids’ birthday parties and you don’t have to worry about rain or heat spoiling anything. You also can relax knowing Sky Zone takes care of set up, supervising, and clean up, leaving more time for you to enjoy the party!  

Want More Than an Afternoon?

Wondering how your kids can spend more time at Sky Zone? Check out SkyCamp! It’s a great way to keep the kids moving and having fun all day with instructor-led activities. Most locations with SkyCamp offer flexible schedules with half-days, full-days, or full-week camps that can fit in with any busy schedule. Check your local park to see their schedule and get your kids ready to have some exciting and active play at Sky Zone!