GLOW In Charlotte, NC

8pm - 10pm EVERY Friday and Saturday Night


We're different after dark!

What is GLOW?
Lasers, music, flashing and black lights transform the whole park into a crazy jumping dance club.
8-10 PM Every Friday and Saturday Nights

"GLOW" attire required! You may wear your own florescent colored clothing that "Glows" in the dark or is black light reflective.
Don't have a Fluorescent shirt? Don't worry! Collect our specialty GLOW shirts available in-store. T-Shirts are only $5.50 ea.

*GLOW is a special event and requires a GLOW ticket to participate. Regular or shortened jump time can not be used during GLOW Hours.

*(Drop off is permitted as long as children are ages 10 and older with a way to contact their parents/guardians if they are off site.)

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