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Need a partner for a fundraising event? Sky Zone is the place to raise awareness, excitement – and money – for your organization! We are committed to supporting our community and eager to help.

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Does Fundraising Feel Like a Waste of Time and Money?

Does fundraising feel like guesswork? Like you’re just throwing stuff out there and hoping something sticks?

If so, I bet you’re tired of it. Tired of the work, tired of wasting money, tired of getting bad results.

Well, we have some good news for you: you only need to take three steps to find a fundraiser that will work for you.

3 Easy Steps to Host a Successful Fundraiser

Host fundraisers at our park that will get your group excited and help you raise the money quickly and easily.

Just follow these steps:

1: Set Your Fundraising Revenue

What are you raising money for, and how much do you need to make to get it?

2: Take a Look at Your Resources

Are you time-strapped or low on people who can help you implement the fundraiser? Do you have tons of potential if you could just find the right fundraiser to motivate them?

3: Pick the Fundraiser that Works For You
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Sky Zone Foam Zone court

20% Revenue Event

Schedule two hours on a school night for free, then get 20% of the total receipt for each person you bring in.

20% Voucher Tickets

Have people that want to support but can’t make it to the event? Get 500 voucher tickets to our park, and sell them to your supporters. Tickets can be redeemed at our park anytime, and you still keep 20% of the revenue.

Private Event

Schedule two hours on a school night for free, then get 20% of the total receipt for each person you bring in.
Park rental includes free access to party rooms and our rental items (zorb balls, etc.), plus free socks for some of our first guests.


Here’s what Kristin Beaufort, president of the Hillsdale Elementary PTO experienced when she booked a private event fundraiser at one of our parks:

“Because of the flexibility of the CircusTrix fundraiser model, we were able to provide our students and families with discounted tickets ($10/ticket) and still make back money. ...This was the perfect way to provide a fun family activity with minimal work, all while raising money.” 

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