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SkyCamp In Philadelphia, PA


Trampoline park fun ALL DAY, wacky and fun experiments, crafts, warrior course competitions and even a private GLOW session and pizza party/awards ceremony on our last day of camp!
All day fun is accompanied by one of our Camp Counselors, who assist with check-in/check-out, meal time, roll calls, and all of the fun activities throughout the park!
This experience is limited to ages 6-14, ages and activities will be separated by age group.
SkyCampers will receive a free pair of SkySocks, a Free Sky Zone T-shirt, snacks throughout the day of camp, a drawstring backpack and collectors cup used for unlimited beverages throughout their stay!
SkyCamp Schedule:
Summer 2020
SkyCamp Price Packages: 
8 Hour Flight Pass(Single Day 9am - 5:00pm): $60.00
40 Hour Flight Pass(Full Week): $199.99
20 Hour Flight Pass(Half Days, Full Week):$119.99