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Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Create your Invitation

Create a custom digital invitation and download to send to your invitees. Be sure to include the check-in time for your guests. Digital invites can be printed at home or saved as a PDF document to be shared with friends and family as an email attachment. Printed invitations are also included with your party package and are available for pick-up at the park.
Send Out Invitiations

Complete Your Liability Waiver(s)

Due 3 Days Before Party

Make sure that you have completed a waiver for your child or children and remind all of the guests of the party that jumpers must have a completed waiver by their own parent/legal guardian. Make sure the waivers are completed before your party date to ensure a quick and smooth party check-in.
Fill out Waiver

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

Confirmation Email

A week before your scheduled party, our events team will send out an email to review the current details of your party. When you receive the email, please review all details. Please feel free to call our events team with any questions or changes that are needed, this will be your opportunity to add on extra jumpers, more food/drink, and party favors for your guest.

Early Arrival

We advise all guests to arrive no more than 15 to 20 minutes prior to their scheduled jump time. Should you or your guests arrive late, we will be unable to grant additional jump/party room time. Please note: our team members will be ready to assist you at your designated check-in time ( 15 to 20 mins prior to your jump time ), early arrivals are not guaranteed immediate assistance due to the scheduling of prior parties checking in. During arrival please bring any party supplies in with you,including the birthday. Our team will take care of of setting up the party room.

Before and During Jump time

Leading up to the start of your jump time, you will get checked in at our event desk. At this time, an Event Assitant will go over your party details with you, confirming food/drink choices. You will also be given a Party Agenda sheet, this sheet is yours to keep as a remind of who helped you and the timing of the party. Once party Guest of Honor is checked in, we will proceed to check in all party guests and collect the presents to store behind the desk. Once it is time to start jumping, children that have their jump stickers and sky socks on may go straight to the courts. (the rules will play throughout the park during the jump time). Please keep in mind, you do not have access to your party room during jump time. If party guest are thirsty, there is water available at the Events Desk for all guests. During your jump time, your party pro will also introduce themselves to you.

Party Room Time

You will have access to your party room following the completion of your jump time. If your party room becomes available before the end of your jump time, your party pro will come let you know the room is available early. If you want to help set up the room, our party pro will also alert you when we are getting ready to set your room up. We ask all parties to open gifts at home, this will allow us to keep the party schedule flowing throughout the day. If you finish pizza/cake and still have ample amount of time left in the room, you may ask your party pro about opening gifts. They will be more than happy to collect them from the Events Desk.

Conclusion / Check Out time

At the end of the room time, your party pro will clean up the party room and take down decorations (if any). They will box up your left over food and take it to the events desk to be placed with your gifts. Please, make sure at this time to check out at the Events Desk for final payment and the collect your party gifts. (even if you were able to open the gifts in the room, the party pro will place them back at the events desk for easy check out) We hope you have had an incredible experience and the kids are tired!
birthday boy getting served cake

What to


  • Cake
  • Candles
  • Goodie Bags
  • Acceptable Decorations
  • Balloons

Don't Bring

  • Additonal Food/Drink
  • Piñatas
  • Silly String
  • Confetti

Park Specific

Refund/Cancellation Policy

It's required that you put down a 50% deposit when booking your event and will need to pay the remaining balance upon check in. This deposit is completely refundable up to 10 days before your originally scheduled event. Should you cancel your event within 10 days of the originally scheduled date, you will forfeit your initial deposit. You are allowed to reschedule your event 2 times without penalty; however, we cannot guarantee that any specific dates/times will be available. Rescheduled events are not eligible for a deposit refund.

Outside Food/Drink

Outside food is strongly prohibited. If you have purchased a "party room rental" an exception will be made for cakes or cupcakes ONLY (we do not provide a cake, it is up to you to bring your own or you can purchase a Hershey's Ice Cream Cake for additional charge). If a guest has an allergy we need to be aware of, please advise us at your earliest convenience so that we may make the necessary accommodations.


Piñatas, silly string, confetti and wall decorations are strongly prohibited. 
Be advised that the use of confetti, silly string, piñatas or any other materials that may cause any type of extra cleaning services may be subject to a cleaning charge at the discretion of the franchise owners.


  • Our downstairs party room is handicap accessible. Please let us know in advance if you need to have the downstairs room so that we can make accommodations.
  • Anyone with a hard cast will not be able to jump as per Sky Zone rules.
  • Sky Socks are included in your party package.