Private Play Experience In Pittston, PA

Launching 10/23/20

12 PM to 4 PM


Guided Play Experience with Social Distancing
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Enjoy our facility, while surrounded by friends or family, under the guidance of an amazing group party host!

How it works:

  1. Reserve the 60-minute experience for up to 10 guests. Original SkySocks are provided at check-in for your group.
  2. Your group will be guided through the park by a dedicated Team Member who will ensure that individual groups stay together, so you get an exclusive play experience at attractions throughout the park.
  3. You can jump, dodge, and flip at each stop with just you and your group.
  4. Make it a party by adding food and drinks, provided in a private area for your group, for just an additional $75.

What it includes:

What day do you host Private Play?
1) Private Play Experience will be on Fridays between 12 PM and 4 PM.
2) Limited capacity available


Book The Same Package With FOOD:

$249.00 up to 10 jumpers
$23/ jumper (for additional jumpers after 10)

What to expect:
⭐️ The group host will provide hand sanitizer as well as sanitize high touch points on all attractions in between station rotations
⭐️ Designated Group Host will check-in and guide your group through the entire play experience!
⭐️ As you travel throughout the facility you can expect your group to be alone playing at each station.

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