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Rainy Day Pass In Pittston, PA

Rainy Day Pass
$39.99 Expires 2021-08-31

Rainy Day Pass
Don't let bad weather stop you this summer.

Q: If the guest goes on vacation and or is unavailable to visit Sky Zone can you pause the pass?
No, the pass starts June 1st and is for a period of (90) days.

Q: Does the jumper need to purchase Sky Socks?
Yes, the jumper is required to have Sky Zone socks on while jumping however you reuse Sky Socks you have already purchased.

Q: Can the jumper's brother or sister use the pass?
No, the pass can only be used by one jumper. ( At time of purchase a picture will be taken of the jumper )

Q: Can I reserve tickets online?
No, the pass is valid for walk-ins only

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