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NEW Megaverse VR Experience In Roswell, GA

Jump In To Try Our New VR Experience...Megaverse!

NEW MegaVerse VR Experience
Dive Into the MegaVerse at Sky Zone

Jump In And Try Our NEW VR Experience!
Megaverse is now open at Sky Zone! It is a uniquely immersive collection of VR experiences that consist of a series of playable games that are custom made to take VR to the next level. Each game in the Megaverse is designed to trigger haptics within the physical room of your playing area which means that interactions with specific objects inside the game will cause the room to react in different and exciting ways!

Explore the wide variety of games that are currently available, such as 
2092: Murray's Getaway, Carni Chaos, Corridors of Horror & Pirates Fate Escape Room.
No experience is the same!

Do you want to feel the rumble of the floor beneath your feet, the gust of hot air hitting you in the face, the shockwave of explosions around you? Are you ready to question your senses? Well, what are you waiting for?
DIVE INTO THE MEGAVERSE at Sky Zone Roswell! VR Experiences can purchased in addition to or separately from our jump passes. Daily tickets are sold in-park and are limited based. 

Limited time offer: Add a game to any jump pass for only $9.99!
Ask our cashiers for more information.