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Sky Zone is a place for everyone to play. We know you have plenty of options on where to play, so have an extreme commitment to the safety of yourself and fellow guests to make sure Sky Zone is always enjoyable. Please see below for a couple of rules we ask you kindly follow.



Sky Zone is designed for everyone, and we want to make sure you fly safe. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below. Remember, stay in your comfort zone! DO NOT ATTEMPT any activity, flip, jump or trick you don’t think you can handle. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous … perform at your own risk. Sky Zone Team Members help ensure that rules and regulations are followed. Jumpers should not engage in court activities without a Zone Team Member present. Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at Sky Zone can/will result in the loss of your jump time. Thank you for always following our safety guidelines. We want you to have fun and fly safe!

DISCLAIMER: Everyone that enters the Sky Zone court must have completed a valid and signed Sky Zone waiver. Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.


Please familiarize yourself with the rules before visiting.


  • Remove street shoes / wear SkySocks.
  • Empty your pockets entirely.
  • Maintain one person per square.
  • Walk onto and off the courts.
  • Be in control of your body at all times.
  • Perform at your own risk. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous.
  • Be aware of those around you and jump with people that are of similar age/size.
  • Master the fundamentals of single trampoline jumping before moving onto more advanced skills, such as aerial or flipping type skills.
  • Land on the first trampoline next to the trampoline wall you bounced off of, when bouncing and flipping off trampoline side walls.
  • Follow all park rules and the Court Monitor’s instructions.


  • Land on your head or neck.
  • Wear wet clothes or body paint.
  • Have anything in your mouth (gum, candy, etc.).
  • Touch any perimeter netting or top pads.
  • Throw balls at another jumper’s head or neck area.
  • Do more than two single flips in a row.
  • Double flip, and do not flip over the pads. Single flips are permitted.
  • Double bounce or affect another jumper’s bounce in any way.
  • Push, tackle, run on flat surfaces, race, or engage in horseplay of any kind.
  • Sit or lie on the court. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  • Attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level.
  • Jump if you have health limitations, are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or if you are pregnant.

Save Time, Come Prepared.

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