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Toddler Time In Saginaw, MI

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 10am-12pm*

$7.99 per hour

When you have a little one, finding special activities to do together is important. Make every moment count and create some special memories for you and your toddler-aged little ones with a shared day of fun at Sky Zone trampoline park's Toddler Time! If you're looking for a family-friendly activity for small children in Saginaw, MI, Toddler Time is a fun and healthy way for your toddler to explore their limits and try something new.

At Toddler Time, your toddler will have complete freedom of movement in a safe environment. Toddler Time is set apart from the other activities and play areas at Sky Zone, so you don't have to worry about big kids jumping with your little one. This is your chance for your little one to shine! Shake up your routine and come visit Toddler Time. Watch as your toddler experiences the joy of discovering new skills, exploring a new environment and bouncing all around with a huge smile!

Toddler Time