Glow In San Diego, CA

Every Friday & Saturday 8pm - 11pm

Standard Rates!

We're different after dark. Lasers, music and blacklight transform the whole park into a crazy jumping dance club. Waivers are required for all persons entering the park during Glow.

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  • Purchase your tickets today and reserve your time by booking online or calling (619) 754-9782!

    Restrictions apply.
  • Neon or white T-Shirt and Sky Socks are required during GLOW. Sky Zone GLOW T-Shirts are available for purchase ($7).
  • Age restrictions are a thing of the past! All jumpers can now experience GLOW as long as they can jump independently and follow the Rule of One: one jumper per trampoline at all times.
  • Flips are now permitted throughout the park. Please be aware of your surroundings and follow all court rules.