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Skymarketing Field Trip In Schererville, IN

Skymarketing Field Trip
Minimum of 20 jumpers!

SkyMarketing offers a unique experience designed for high school students that features 60 minutes of physical education followed by approximately 60 minutes of marketing related activities. 

Students will get to experience the freedom of play to better understand the ins and outs of a trampoline park. After jumping, students will break into small groups to work on several marketing exercises related to trampoline parks. 

There are three parts to the SkyMarketing field trip:

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Skymarketing Field Trip

  • Part 1: Open Jump
    Students spend 60 minutes in the park jumping and experiencing all the different attractions. Each court will feature a Sky Zone Court Monitor and students will all receive SkySocks to keep. 

    Part 2: Marketing Activity
    After jumping, students will gather in small groups and create their own Trampoline Park businesses. Students will touch on several aspects of marketing from branding to how they will advertise their new business. 

    Part 3: Marketing Presentations
    Following the group activity, each group will select a “Marketing Director” to present their Marketing Plan to the rest of the groups. After all the groups have presented, students will vote for their favorite presentation. 
  • Activity 1: Background & Research
    Students focus on understanding their business environment including target market and competition.

    Activity 2: Brand & Identity
    Students focus on pinpointing who and what their business is. How will they pitch their Trampoline Park?

    Activity 3: Advertising & Marketing
    Students focus on how they will get the word out about their new Trampoline Park including advertising, publicity, social media, etc.

    Activity 4: Product & Program Development
    Students focus on how they will keep their Trampoline Park relevant and fresh. What new innovations can be introduced to their park?

    Activity 5: Maintaining & Tracking WoW
    Students focus on the importance of guest experience, engagement, and tracking results.