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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

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Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Send Out Your Invitation

Create and download a custom Invitation and send to your guest list. You can print the invite, attach it to an email, or upload it to a Facebook Event. The options are endless!
Create Your Invitation

Complete Your Waivers

Due 3 Days Before Party

Make sure you have completed a waiver for your child or children and remind all guests they must have a completed waiver to attend. Minors need a waiver completed by their own parent/legal guardian. Completing waivers in advance ensures a quick and smooth party check-in.
Fill Out Waiver

Submit Guest List

Due 3 Days Before Party

Send us your guest list. This will help us make your party check in process faster.

Email Guest List

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

Confirmation Call

A representative from our Events Team will give you a call the week of your event to review final details. This will be your opportunity to add on extra jumpers, more food, and party favors for your guests! This call is essential to ensure that we provide the best party ever.

Early Arrival

Please inform guests to arrive a half hour early. This will help us ensure that all your party guests have waivers and are checked in prior to your jump time.
This will also help you get any items from your car to our Events Team. Feel free to ask a team member for help getting items from your car, we want you to make this day as stress free as possible.

Before Jump Time

After checking in, Party guests introduced to their Party Pro. This person will be with your guests for the duration of the party.

We ask that you pay the outstanding balance before your party begins. You will still be able to add extra items or gratuity during the party if you wish.

Time to Jump

The guests will be able to use our facility for the allotted time. A party assistant will be getting your room ready about 15 minutes before your party is called down. 

Party Room Time

Your Party Pro will wish the guest of honor Happy Birthday and call the party down from the courts. The party pro and any assistants will pass out food and cut the cake. Take this time to take pictures for yourself.  

Check Out!

We ask that you pay the balance of your bill at the beginning of the party. If you want to add more items during your party or add a tip, you can still do so during or after the party.

At the end of the party, you will be asked to complete a survey.
Jump all year

What to


  • Balloons—Balloons must be attached to a weight
  • Cake, Cupcakes, OR Brownies
  • Candles

Don't Bring

  • Additional Food or Beverages
  • Pinatas
  • Confetti/Glitter
  • Cake Cutter
  • Plates, cup, utensils, etc.

Park Specific


Parties booked more than a week before the event:
You have provided a 50% deposit for your event and the remaining balance is due on the day of the party before your event begins. This deposit is completely refundable up to 72 hours after you book your event. You forfeit your deposit when you cancel your event more than 72 hours after your booking.

Parties booked within a week of the event:
There is one exception to the 72 hour grace period and standard deposit. If the booking date is within 1 week of the event, the deposit is immediately non-refundable.

You may reschedule your event one time without penalty, however we cannot guarantee that any specific dates/times will be available. Any additional reschedules will result in a $100 fee. 


You will have 72 hours after booking to downgrade your event if you choose to do so. After 72 hours you are locked into the package you have chosen, although you may upgrade your package if we have the availability.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather where our park is closed on the date of your event, we will work with you to reschedule to any available date/time. If the park remains open, we encourage you to arrive safely with your guests on your scheduled date/time. It is always an option to reschedule your event.

Final Balance

The final balance of your event must be paid when you check in for your party. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and mobile payments such as ApplePay or GooglePay.


If a dodgeball court has been reserved for a group or private party, a maximum of 18 jumpers may play at the same time. If your group or party is larger than the maximum, guests must take turns.

Age & Size Separation

At Sky Zone, safety is our main priority! We separate according to age and size on our Main, Stunt Zone, and Dodgeball courts to ensure the highest level of safety.

Parents and Spectators

All guests coming into the facility must have a completed liability waiver and checked into your party. If you are dropping off a jumper and not staying, you do not need one but the jumper must have a valid waiver signed by a parent or guardian.


Sky Zone South Plainfield provides plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for your event. We DO NOT allow confetti/glitter, pinatas, or party poppers. Decorations cannot be taped, glued, or tacked into walls or hung from the ceiling.  Party themes are available.

Outside Food

Outside food of any kind is prohibited. No outside food or drinks such as chips, juice boxes, or water bottles will be allowed in Sky Zone South Plainfield with the exception of birthday cake, ice cream cake, or cupcakes. If there are any allergies or religious food needs, please contact our Events Department ASAP. There is a $150 fee for parties that bring in outside food.


The following will result in a $150 fee.
Damage to the walls, tables, or anything else in the room.
Use of Tape or adhesives on the walls.
Changing a baby in the room and/or finding a diaper in the party room – There are changing tables in the bathroom.
Confetti or glitter found in the room.
Excessive mess resulting in longer than normal cleaning. 


  • All tips are at your discretion. Most guests tip between 15 and 20% of the bill. This is can be done with cash or on a credit card.
  • When your guests arrive, our event assistants will collect the gifts and store them securely for you to take with you when you leave. We will gladly help bring them to your car when the event is completed.
  • Party room setup begins about 15 minutes before your scheduled time in the party room.   If you have decorations or items for setup, the events team will hold the items set them up for your. If you would like to participate in the setup, let our team know.
  • The Party Pro is there to create the best party ever. The party should be easy and fun for all of your guests. If you have any questions, concerns, or other inquiries just ask your Party Pro and they will help you the best that they can. 

  • Yes, you can still add any food that we make in house, such as pizza, chicken trays, French fry trays, etc. Just as the anyone helping with your party as to what can be added. Items from our catering menu must be ordered  72 hours before the party.   Ice Cream Cakes must be ordered no later than Wednesday before the party.