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After Party on the BEACH In Springfield, NJ

Saturday, July 20th, 8pm-11pm

$30 per jumper; Members FREE

After Party on the BEACH
Beach Party Fun with GLOW Lights with black lights and lasers!

Join us for an After Party on the BEACH! Complete with jumping fun with a summer jam playlist cranked up during this Beach Party themed evening. GLOW lights, dodgeball, SkyWars and of course "Beach" volley ball. Just $30 per jumper. MEMBERS ARE FREE! Valid waiver and SkySocks ($3 per pair) required. All guests are required to wear glow attire. Make sure to wear bright colors that will glow under ultraviolet lights, or you may be required to purchase a Glow T-shirt at the park to make sure you are visible to fellow jumpers and staff.