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GLOW Every Sat. Night In Springfield, NJ

Jumping & fun with GLOW lights and party music!

7pm-9pm on Saturday Nights!

$31.99 (Non-jumpers $10)

GLOW Every Saturday!!
Jumping & fun with GLOW lights and party music! We're different after dark!

Jumping & fun with GLOW lights and party music! We're different after dark!
$31.99 per jumper (non-jumpers $10)

Glow T-shirts will be available for purchase at the park for $12 each.
Buy our online bundle (Glow ticket + T-shirt) in advance and save!

Basic Members get 50% Off; Elite and Elite+ Members Admitted FREE. (in park only, no online reservations and subject to capacity and availability)

Valid waiver and SkySocks required (available for purchase). All guests required to wear clothing that GLOWS. All-Day Pass is not valid for special events (such as Little Leapers, GLOW, etc.)

Clothing that illuminates under blacklight (includes white or neon colored clothing or GLOW shirt) required. Admission price does NOT include a GLOW shirt. If you do not have clothing that glows, we have GLOW attire available for purchase.
*This event contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy*
*Flips are limited to Foam Zone during GLOW*
*A waiver is required for all persons entering the park during GLOW*
*Some attractions may be closed during GLOW due for safety reasons.
*No refunds are available should the park lights need to come on for any reason*

Terms & conditions apply. All jumpers MUST wear clothing that GLOWS or Sky Zone GLOW shirts that GLOW under the black lights. See park for complete details. Offer cannot be used in combination with other discounts, promotions, coupons, offers or passes (including Groupon). All sales final.GLOW, like all SkyZone programs are subject to change and on occasion may not be offered or may be offered on a different day. 

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