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female skyfit trainer teaching a class on main court

SkyFit In Springfield, IL

Tuesday 10am-11am, Wednesday & Thursday 7-8pm


Exercising regularly is a great way to stay fit, but getting outside for a daily jog is easier said than done. What if you could be active and feel like you were enjoying a fun treat at the same time?

It's possible at Sky Zone. We have guided trampoline fitness programs in Springfield, IL, where you can work it out three to four days a week. Jump around a massive trampoline room while you participate in an exercise class with an experienced instructor.

Our classes seem like play, but they are cardio-boosting fat busters. By using a trampoline regularly, you'll do more for your abs than hundreds of crunches can ever achieve. This bouncy workout session also strengthens your bones without hurting your joints.

Burn calories while you have fun by joining our regular trampoline workout sessions. Each session at Sky Zone lasts an hour, but you may not want to stop at the end of class!

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