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Moneyball Tournament and Wednesday Practice In Tallahassee, FL

Moneyball is a monthly dodgeball tournament hosted by Sky Zone Tallahassee where if you can show you’re the best ultimate dodgeball players in town, you can win anywhere from $200 to $1000 dollars for your team! *The prize pool is dependent on number of teams entering. The winning team also receives FREE entry into the next tournament, meaning you can keep winning without paying the entry fee if you’re skilled enough. Entry is $20 per person, and 5-7 players can play on a team (5 players, 2 subs.) The first monthly Moneyball Tournament will be on Wednesday, November 7th so get ready to win! Want to practice up? Don’t fret, every Wednesday without a tournament will be a dodgeball practice night! During these days you can come out a practice against the competition for only $5 from 5-8 if you’ve signed up for the next tournament! ($10 without tournament sign-up)

Tournament: November 7th, 5pm-End of Tournament. Practice: 5pm-8pm Every Wednesday w/o Tournament

Tournament: $20 per player. Practice: $5 if entered in next Tournament (Use Code), $10 Standard

Moneyball Tournament and Wednesday Practice

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