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SkyFit In Taylor, MI

Wednesdays 7pm-8pm & Saturdays 9am-10am

$9.99 per class or $79.99 for a 10 class punchcard

If you're looking for a workout you can stick with, pick something that will push you to push yourself. Of course, it should also be a program you enjoy and something that isn't going to destroy your joints. SkyFit is a fitness class that checks all of those boxes, and you can get in on the burn at Sky Zone in Taylor, MI.

At Sky Zone, we're well-known for our wall-to-wall trampoline park, and SkyFit takes advantage of the park to boost your fitness level. An instructor will lead you through a challenging total-body trampoline workout that increases your heart rate and can result in burning 1,000 calories per one-hour class! Because you're jumping and moving on a trampoline, your joints don't have to take all of the impact that traditional fitness techniques involve. Best of all, you'll be having such a good time flying through the air, you'll forget you are exercising!