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Toddler Time In Taylor, MI

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 10am-12pm

$7.99 per hour

Challenge your kiddo to an energetic jump-a-thon during Toddler Time at Sky Zone in Taylor, MI. Let your toddlers wear themselves out just in time for their afternoon naps!

Jumps, hops, and giggles abound when your tots are leaping from one trampoline fun zone to another! Watch from the padded sidelines while your youngsters launch themselves across our trampolines. Out of all indoor activities for toddlers in Taylor, Sky Zone is one of the greatest!

At Sky Zone in Taylor, you can rent our whole facility for a birthday party or family-friendly celebration. Your toddlers get the run of our trampolines and fun zones. Your little tykes have time to bond with kids their age without disruption from older kids or other adults.

Supervise your toddler as they bounce and laugh on squares of springy fun. Not only is this a great way to get their energy out, but our Sky Zone trampolines are excellent ways to exercise for kids.

Our trampoline park is a safe place for you and your toddlers to have family fun together. Slip on a comfy pair of Sky Socks and get to jump, jump, jumping! Make Taylor Sky Zone’s Toddler Time a regular thing for you and your tot to get excited about!

Toddler Time