male with white shirt throwing red dodgeball midair

Ultimate Dodgeball In Toledo, OH

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

You’ve never experienced a dodgeball game quite like this! Even if you grew up playing the popular playground game, Ultimate Dodgeball takes the classic game to a whole new level. Not only does the dodgeball fly, but so will you and your teammates as you jump and swerve to avoid the ball or to tag players on the other team.
Ultimate Dodgeball is exciting and high-flying, giving you and your friends or family an all new way to enjoy spending time together.
Find your local Sky Zone trampoline park and treat yourself and your friends to an Ultimate Dodgeball game. 

Ultimate Dodgeball

  • Dodgeball courts are always subject to availability and are open for play based on space and players. Similar ages and sizes of dodgeballers must play together to ensure proper safety.
  • YES!! If space permits, you may be able to create a pick-up game on the courts right then and there with your players. Every year, we even host Ultimate Dodgeball Tournaments at Sky Zone!! Be on the lookout for more information on our calendars. In the meantime, to help improve your skills, private dodgeball courts are also available for rental. Give us a call to check availability & book your spot today!
  • Dodgeball games assume the risk just like any other games of dodgeball. Balls are flying and the goal is to tag others with the ball to win for your team. Court monitors are present to help reinforce the rules for maximum safety. No head shots allowed.