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Preparing for your party day is an easy and seamless experience at Sky Zone! Here's all you need to know before the big day!

Do you have questions about your party? An Event Specialist would be happy to help!

Party Planning

Find all your to-do's and party-planning reminders right in one place

Post Booking Party Checklist

Your Party

What to expect from the day you book to your party day schedule

How can I find the date & time my party is scheduled for?

  • Sky Zone will send out a reservation e-mail upon booking your birthday party.
  • Your reservation e-mail will include all scheduled activities.
  • In addition, Sky Zone will reach out the week of your scheduled party & confirm party details!

birthday boy getting served cake

What to


  • Cake and/or Cupcakes
  • Ice Cream - (Cooler to store ice cream during jump time)
  • Decorations - (Nothing can be hung on the walls, or ceilings)
  • Goodie bags - (If candy is included, must be passed out towards the end of the party)

Don't Bring

  • Piñatas
  • Soda
  • Chips
  • Alcohol

Park Specific

Waiver Policy

Sky Zone requires a current ELECTRONIC waiver for every jumper prior to jumping. A previous visit to Sky Zone will not guarantee a current electronic waiver will be on file. As a first step for you and your guests, we highly recommend filling out your electronic waiver as soon as possible.
  • For any jumper UNDER 18, the electronic waiver must be filled out by a legal parent or legal guardian
  • Guests will not be permitted to enter the trampoline courts without a digitally signed and current electronic waiver
  • Here is the link to the required electronic waiver.  Sky Zone Toledo Electronic Waiver

Outside Food Policy

Sky Zone does NOT allow any outside food or beverage in the facility unless otherwise discussed with Sky Zone management in advance.
If you would like to bring in outside food with one of our party packages, you are required to pay an additional $50.00 outside food fee.
  • Cake and/or cupcakes, ice cream, or other dessert items are the ONLY exceptions to the outside food fee.
  • Guests that would like ice cream or ice cream cake MUST bring a cooler or a place to store the ice cream during jump time.
  • Concessions items are NOT included and can be added at an additional cost.
  • Soda/Water is provided ONLY during your time in the party room

Late Arrival Policy

Sky Zone is NOT responsible for late arrivals. We will NOT provide extra jump or party room time in consideration of other reservations/parties.
  • If you will arrive late; Please give us a call at (567) 297-0371 & an Event Specialist will explore options that may be available.
  • Accommodations for late party arrivals will be based off of availability & is NOT guaranteed.

Online Booking:

In the event that you booked your party online, we may need a few details from you before we can finalize the party booking you have.
Please respond to If you have details to provide. Include your name and booking ID and the following information:
·        Birthday Child(s)/Guest(s) of Honor and their date of birth/how old they are turning
·        T-Shirt size of Guest(s) of Honor (Epic and Legendary Only)
·        Initial Pizza Order (this can be changed up to 48 hours before the event, not included with Basic party package)

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Cancellation policy: There is a 72-hour grace period after the time of booking where the $75 deposit may be refunded. After this 72-hour period, the deposit is non-refundable. Parties may be rescheduled at any time before or after the 72-hour window, but the deposit will not be refunded for parties canceled after the window has passed.

Platform Policy

Sky Zone Toledo has a platform policy, which states the following:
  • The ONLY individuals allowed on the jump platforms will be Sky Zone employees or guests with jump stickers/tickets.
  • We do have an area where non-jumpers may watch.

Sky Socks Policy

Sky Socks are required for all jumpers.
  • Sky Socks are $3.50/pair

Sky Zone reserves the right to:

  • Separate jumpers by size & age
  • Refuse service to anyone noticeably intoxicated or under the influence
  • Determine whether a customer appears unable or unwilling to participate


  • We don't just want you to have the best birthday party ever, but also want it to be the easiest. Our staff is here to handle the details so you can focus on having a great time.