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SkyFit In Torrance, CA

Monday - Thursday 9AM and 7PM, Friday 9AM


Get immersed in a high-energy and unique workout with SkyFit. Our workout will push the limits of your body while you have a blast at the same time. 

The benefits of trampoline exercise are vast. This high intensity workout burns calories quicker than traditional exercises due to the varied movements and pulsating energy of the routine. SkyFit is ideal for those looking to find a lower-impact method to boost cardiovascular health. Unlike more traditional cardio workouts, the flexible and forgiving surface of the trampoline offers protection for your joints, reducing the risk of bone and joint injuries. Workouts are simple enough for anyone to do and does not require extensive knowledge of any machines or contraptions. 

Our conveniently located trampoline park in Torrance, CA offers a variety of days and times to fit your schedule. Stop by our trampoline park today and challenge yourself to our SkyFit workout!