SkySlam slam dunk shot by male teenager

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These attractions are available at specific Sky Zone parks.

New Attraction!

Photo of the mega launch attraction

Mega Launch

Not your typical playground slide!
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New Attraction!

Boy holding zip line handles

Zip Line

Hold on tight as you zip and soar through the air!
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Female/Male High 5 Freestyle Jump

Freestyle Jump

Massive wall-to-wall trampolines for endless aerial action with friends.
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Male black shirt on rings

Ninja Warrior Course

Challenge your friends to a test of speed, strength, and agility on the Warrior Course.
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male white shirt hanging off the warped wall

Warped Wall

Conquering the curved incline of the infamous Warped Wall takes everything you've got.
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male gray shirt ready to throw red ball

Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball

Play dodgeball like never before. Our new trampoline system removes pads for a faster game.
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New Attraction!

Augmented Climbing

Climb and play interactive games using projected graphics and body tracking technology!
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StuntZone at Sky Zone man jumping over parkour block


Advance your parkour skills- flip, vault, and climb over any obstacle in your path!
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Male with gray shirt about to dunk a basket on SkySlam court


Jump higher and dunk harder. We're throwing a party above the rim, and everyone's invited.
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Girl black shirt ready for a free throw


Classic arcade basketball with an aerial twist: high-flying blocks, swats, and buckets.
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two boys playing tug of war

Tug of War

Grab a friend and challenge them in a test of strength.
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New Attraction!

Battle beam man versus woman on jousting beam

Battle Beam

Get ready to battle it out with your opponent while testing your balance and strength!
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New Attraction!

boy on silks with sky socks


Find your inner aerial silk artist by swinging, climbing, and spinning midair!
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girl pink shirt climbing up skyladder


A frustratingly fidgety ladder, suspended over a soft landing.
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female white shirt posing midair into the foam zone

Drop Zone

Fly high and land softly in the Drop Zone. Try new tricks and practice your skills.
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