male with white shirt throwing red dodgeball midair

Ultimate Dodgeball In Evansville, IN

Your favorite sport in gym class
Made Ultimate

Ultimate Dodgeball takes your favorite gym class game to another level. If you like the thrill of chucking balls at other people and dodging their throws, imagine playing dodgeball in a wall-to-wall trampoline arena. Pinch yourself now because Sky Zone in Evansville, IN, has made that dream a reality.

You can go to Sky Zone by yourself or with a group of friends and easily get in on the action. All you have to do is dress comfortably, put on your Sky Socks, empty your pockets, buy your ticket, and join the fun. Ultimate Dodgeball is an open-play competition. Not only is it an amazing time, but you'll also get to meet other people who appreciate getting a fun workout in a trampoline arena.

Whether you and your friends are bored on a Tuesday night or you need something fun to do for a birthday or holiday party, get to Sky Zone Evansville to experience Ultimate Dodgeball for yourself.