Teenagers jumping and doing tricks on trampolines at Sky Zone

Price & Promos Sarasota, FL

General Admission

  • Single Visit Freestyle (Open Activity):

    1 Hr $23 (Ages 3-4 $19)
    1.5 Hr $25 (Ages 3-4 $21)
    2 Hr $27 (Ages 3-4 $23)
    All Day Pass $35 (Ages 3-4 $26) "Best Value"
    Ages 0-2
    FREE W/purch. of adult pass

  • Single Visit Glow Zone:

    2 Hr $30
    Full Session $35

  • Memberships:

    Starting at $25/Month
    Parent Add-On $5.99/Month
    See description on right (Below on mobile)

    See Details
  • Multi Day Pass:

    30 Day - $59
    90 Day - $125
    See description on right (Below on mobile)

  • 10 Pack of Activity Passes:

    1.5 Hr $200 (Save $50)
    2 Hr $216 (Save $54)
    All Day $280 (Save $70)
    See description on right (Below on mobile)

  • Little Leapers: (Ages 5 and Under):

    Up to 2 Hr $13
    1 Parent per Toddler is FREE.
    Additional participating adults are only $9

    Saturday's 9am - 11am

    Sunday's 9am - 11am

  • Little Leapers 10 Pack Pass:


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Operating Hours: (Below are our operating hours. You can also visit our website "calendar" for more specific program days/times which supersedes this list.

Monday's and Tuesday's: CLOSED
Wednesday’s: GLOW 2pm - 9pm
Thursday’s: Open Activity 2pm – 9pm
Friday’s: Open Activity 2pm – 6:15pm / GLOW 6:30pm-11pm
Saturday’s: Little Leapers 9am -11am/Open Activity 11am – 6:15pm / GLOW 6:30pm-11pm
Sunday’s: Little Leapers 9am -11am/Open Activity 11am – 9pm

Please see our website calendar for more specific hours that supersede this list.

Pass Types:

All Day Pass:
Our Day Pass, is a one time pass that is valid ALL DAY on the day of purchase. You can literally stay ALL DAY or leave and come back. (Within our hours of operation)
* Day Passes require a re check in every 2 hours to update your jump sticker.

Sky Zone Memberships: *OUR BEST VALUE. Term Commitment Required
For less than the cost of two visits, you can put the fun on repeat.
Get exclusive benefits: unlimited jump time, free programs (even Glow!), party discounts, Member-only events, and more!
Choose from 3 different membership tiers.
Requires 12 month commitment and recurring billing to a credit card)
*NEW Homeschool Memberships. Check it out in the Promo section.
(No Refunds)

Multi Day Passes: No Term Commitment
30 Day Pass: 2 Hours of Activity Time per day. Valid for Freestyle, Glow or Toddler Time. Valid for 30 consecutive days from the day of purchase in park. When purchased as a gift or online, the 30 days starts when the recipient "activates" the pass in park. (No Refunds)
90 Day Pass: 2 Hours of Activity Time per day. Valid for Freestyle, Glow or Toddler Time. Valid for 90 consecutive days from the day of purchase in park. When purchased as a gift or online, the 90 days starts when the recipient "activates" the pass in park. (No Refunds)

10 Pack of Activity Passes: No Term Commitment. Passes never expire.
All 10 pack Passes are plastic cards with 10 Activity Passes loaded onto the card for the price of only 8. They are perfect for Multiple People or Multiple Visits and do not expire! They come in the following Activity time options.
*No more than 6 passes to be used in one day per card.
10 for 8...1.5 Hour. Valid for Freestyle ONLY.
10 for 8...2 Hour. Valid for Freestyle, and Glow.
10 for 8...All Day. Valid for Freestyle, and Glow.

Program Details:

FREESTYLE: (Open Activity): Lets you fly high! That means full access to all Sky Zone activities, including the Main Court (Perfect for practicing Flips and Tricks with our PARKOUR BLOCKS!), Ninja Warrior Course (Let your inner warrior come alive!), Indoor Zip Line, Trapeze Bar oven foam, Wipe Out, the Foam Zone (freestyle jumping/flipping into foam), Ultimate Dodgeball (YES, Dodgeball on Trampolines), SkySlam (Basketball on Trampolines. Anyone can dunk like an NBA player), Sky Ladder, Speed Zone, Sky Joust, Silks, Warped Wall, Tug of War, and Free Climb Rock Wall. All ages are welcome! Freestyle is available during most normal operating hours. Please see our calendar for more specific programs offered each day.

GLOW ZONE: Friday and Saturday Night's from 6:30pm - 11:00pm. Wednesdays 2pm - 9pm (4pm-9pm on non school days.) Includes all of the above during the best blacklight experience in Sarasota! Whites lights are off. All neon colors including our Dodgeballs and Basketballs glow under the Blacklights, Spot Lights and Lazers. Jump, Play and Dance the night away with your favorite song mixes.
*Glow shirts required. Wear any white or neon colored shirt or you can purchase one of our Glow Zone shirts.

LITTLE LEAPERS: Toddlers LOVE Freedom, which is where our Little Leaper program comes in. It's a special program run outside of our Freestyle park hours. Please see specific days and times below, or you can visit our website calendar for more information. During "Freestyle Jump" times we separate jumpers by age, so toddlers are restricted to certain areas of the park to keep them safe from other jumpers. (Which can be challenging at times due to their innocent desire to want to run free) However our Little Leaper program offers the little ones free run of all open courts in the park, as we only allow guests 5 and under to jump. Little Leapers at Sky Zone is a special time, just for the little ones, where they can explore exciting new ways to be active, all while staying safe. We of course encourage Mommy or Daddy participation however there is no jumping or bouncing allowed during Little Leapers by anyone over the age of 5. Your little ones will thank you afterward with a long nap.

Please see our Little Leapers Program page for more specific information regarding the program.

*Must be 5 years old or less.
*One parent can assist for free.
*All toddlers and parents must wear Sky Socks. (Yours to keep and re use.)

GROUP EVENTS: Throw an event unlike any other! Group outings and Sky Zone are the perfect combination.
-Youth Groups -Scout Groups -Graduation Parties -Bar Mitzvahs -Family Outings/Reunions -End of year team parties -Team Building -Corporate Events -Holiday Parties -Employee Appreciation -Customer Appreciation -or any other celebration.
*Available during Freestyle Jump or Glow. Must be booked in advance. For more information or to book, please call our events department at 941-363-6359 ext.2

FULL FACILITY RENTAL: Have the place to yourself! We'll keep staff on hand to provide support while you play in the park or get down to business in a meeting room. We can accommodate groups both large and small.
*Available during Freestyle Jump or Glow. Must be booked in advance. For more information or to book, please call our events department at 941-363-6359 ext.2

A Sky Zone Sarasota Liability waiver is required for each jumper.(required for each guest including non jumpers during Glow Zone) (Those under 18 years old, must have a waiver completed by their parent or legal guardian) For your convenience, scroll to the bottom of this page to complete your liability waiver online to save time at check-in. Online ticket purchases are recommended to avoid sell-outs.


  • Walk-ins welcome! Online reservations recommended.
  • Activity times start every 15 minutes
  • SkySocks are the only approved/required footwear at Sky Zone. Yours to keep and reuse once purchased.
  • We accept all ages during Freestyle Jump and Glow Zone, from walking to Adults. We separate by age on a few attractions to keep the little ones safe from bigger jumpers. Parents are welcome to assist their child in the children's section, but are limited to extremely light bouncing in those sections. During Freestyle Jump and Glow Zone, everyone on the courts is required to purchase an activity pass. We do offer Toddler Time programs throughout the week, where 1 parent per toddler can assist their child for FREE. Please check our multiple Toddler Program offerings in the program section of our website for more details.
  • Ages are separated by group letters. Group A = Ages 0-4, Group B = Ages 5-11, Group C = Ages 12-15, Group D = Ages 16+. Some children develop in size, at ages different than others. We are happy to adjust the group letter at the request of a parent, if approved by a manager.
  • No outside food or beverages allowed.
  • Cake/Cupcakes only allowed with a party/event booking.
  • NOTHING IN YOUR POCKETS. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, including items lost in our Foam Pits. Please use one of our lockers to secure your belongings.



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